Interview Advice!

Our interview checklist @ TTS Staffing

Here’s a checklist you can use to help you along the interview process.

  •   BE ON TIME!!! – NEED WE SAY MORE?!?!?!
  •  Turn off your cell phone. Don’t even keep it on vibrate. Don’t just turn off your cell phone for the interviewer. Turn it off for you. It’s hard to avoid temptation to check the cell phone when you have a moment because you know someone called or sent a text message, but your interview is about you and the job, not about who is texting you. Keep your cell phone off at all times, so there is no motivation to check it before, during, or after your interview.
  • Dry mouth? Bring water – don’t chew gum or bring a hot beverage for example – coffee.
  • Always come with one or five copies of your resume. Bring a nice crisp manila folder with 5 resumes. You look organized, professional and you’re always prepared. After all you never know what could happen.
  • Always stand and greet your interviewer, or ANYONE that enters the room. Staying seated and greeting your interviewer makes you look lazy and disrespectful.
  • Don’t STARE. Although the standard advice is to maintain good eye contact throughout the interview, don’t take this to mean that you should stare fixedly at the interviewer. For instance, it would seem natural to look away briefly if you have to pause to think about your answer. Then reconnect strongly as you begin to speak.
  • Never put a current or ex employer down. By all means explain your reason for feeling certain ways about your past or present employers and always try to make a negative sound like a positive. Again this traces back to “professionalism”.
  • Filter. Always have a filter at your interview. Don’t use any foul language! You’re probably thinking “obviously”, but you’d be surprised what your interviewer/s have encountered in the past.
  • Don’t be too laid-back. Some interviews are more laid back than others. One important factor with interviews is that the  “interviewer” wants to walk away feeling that he/she has a good sense of what your personality is like. Just be yourself, but know your boundaries.
  • Consistency is KEY. Don’t Lie! If you lie about having a certain “background” how dumb will you feel if you are unable to perform the task at hand?!?! Just be honest on your resume…make sure your stories all match up.
  • DON’T Think the interview is mostly about you. All interviews, initially, is about the companies requirements. Your job at the interview is to prove you can fill the employers’ particular needs; that you can remove pain, solve problems, fix customer issues, save time or money etc. Yes, you need to see if the company will fit “your” needs, too, but initially at least, your primary focus is to influence them to want to know more.
  • Always send a Thank YOU. What we suggest as a staffing firm is an immediate email thank you and a handwritten note to show them you’re not messing around! Don’t let it go – be persistent. 

I hope you enjoyed our little checklist here at TTS Staffing in NYC. Feel free to use this, happy hunting and GOOD LUCK!!