5 Reasons You Should Use A Recruiter

Let’s face it looking for a job can take weeks, even months. Well..Now has never been a better time to find your dream role. So if you haven’t had much luck on your own maybe it’s time to work with a recruiter within your chosen industry.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. A recruiter has constant contact with TOP employers in your industry. Which means the MINUTE your DREAM JOB opens up..YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED! The proactive recruiter will be advised of this job posting way before it blasts through all social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.) as well as job boards (Indeed, Monster, Yelp etc). This means you get in first and can be considered for other possible roles as well.

2. Being in contact with a recruiter on a consistent basis is a great way to be current with the industries leading businesses. Your recruiter actively cultivates an often exclusive relationship with top businesses that may supply you with positions in your dream role.

3. If you’re in need of salary advice a recruiter is the way to go. They base it on the position you are looking for. All recruiters have an in depth knowledge on the salary to expect for which ever route you are choosing to go. They will also provide you with an edge by doing the hard part for you – NEGOTIATING – especially when it comes to a new contract.

4. A recruiter’s number one role is to know and understand your industry like a book. Along with this they will understand the job your looking for and how your skill set fits. That’s why having a recruiter is so great because they are able to put your skills and experience where it would best fit. Some times you aren’t a good candidate for the position that you are interested in and their job to guide you  in the right direction for the future.

5. Your recruiter also eliminates all the extra referrals or the “middle-men”-if you will. The recruiter contacts the prospective employer and provides them with your referral details.

Are you in search for a job at the moment? Contact us at TTS Staffing. Follow us on – twitter @TTSstaffing – and – Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TTSstaffing. We post new jobs, advice and some fun entertainment!


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